Preparing For The Future And Adding Value Through Positive Social Media

This article really excites me because it’s my first post that reflects exactly what my goal is geared towards by building this website and the content associated to it.

Let’s talk about Jeff Ulmer.

I’m not going to give you an autobiography on his playing career because there are several online tools to find that out for yourself. But what I’m really going to do is share with you how a current professional hockey player is using his online presence and skills to teach, showcase and demonstrate how to add value to not only a players personal reputation but also add value to others who may appreciate his words of wisdom. Jeff has utilized his own website as well as LinkedIn to share his articles to not just hockey players but to the world surrounded by hockey. Jeff’s efforts is a perfect example of how a current hockey player can start preparing for life after hockey by creating a

(Jeff’s Hockey Career Stats and Team History Links Below)

I don’t know Jeff personally yet, but I am fortunate enough to know Jeff’s relatives from growing up in Saskatchewan and that was how I originally heard about Jeff’s articles. He had actually started posting his articles on LinkedIn to start but shortly realized the value of having his own personal website as well which I’m glad he switched over to. The reviews on his articles have been more than positive and inspiring to others who have read them and I know his audience will continue to grow even larger with each and every additional article he writes.

This example is definitely a step in the right direction for not only Jeff but for others who will see the value in generate a positive presence outside of the hockey world. He will slowly build his personal reputation online as an educator, a mentor, a motivator and someone who will make a great leader in business some day when he is ready to walk away from the game.

Jeff has opened yet another door to future opportunities for himself through his life revolved around hockey and I look forward to following his continued journey through his social media channels.

Follow Jeff’s journey through his new website:

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